With this coin adapter for fiat currencies, an admin can manually insert offline fiat transactions on behalf of users. This allows fiat currencies to be used with the Exchange extension.


With this coin adapter extension to Bitcoin and Altcoin Wallets for WordPress, you can maintain accounts in fiat currencies for your users.

You can insert deposits that you receive via bank transfers or other means.

Users can request withdrawals to an international bank account, and an admin can mark these withdrawals as finished after actually placing the bank transfers.

Your users can exchange these fiat currencies for cryptocurrencies using the Exchange extension.


  • Allows admin to select available fiat currencies.
  • Assigns a unique code for each user and fiat currency to be used in deposits.
  • Allows admin to enter deposits manually using a unique code and amount.
  • Allows users to request withdrawals to an international bank account.
  • Allows an admin to process these withdrawal requests.
  • Allows an admin to create custom tokens that are not backed by a cryptocurrency wallet. These are only valid on the site.

installation and usage

  1. Install the Bitcoin and Altcoin Wallets plugin by following the installation instructions.
  2. Install and activate this plugin extension if you have not already done so.
  3. Visit WalletsFiat currencies and check any fiat currencies that you wish to enable. Click on “Save Changes“.
  4. That’s it! You can now go to ToolsFiat deposits and follow the instructions to perform manual deposits in fiat currencies from your users.
  5. You can also go to ToolsFiat withdrawals and follow the instructions to process user withdrawal requests.
  6. If you are using the Exchange extension, remember to set up your markets by visiting WalletsExchangeMarkets.
  7. To make sure that you are receiving updates for this plugin extension and for all the premium dashed-slug plugins that you have installed, you will need to activate your installation. After registering at dashed-slug.net you will have received an activation code in your e-mail. This code is also available to you when you log in to dashed-slug.net. Follow the instructions given here.


Available free of charge to all subscribers and premium members (you need to be logged in).


Which fiat coins are available?

The fiat coins are discovered from the fixer.io service. Visit WalletsExchange Rates to set up access to fixer.


Fiat coins appear as options in the [wallets_deposit] or [wallets_withdraw] UIs, and/or they do not appear  as options in the [wallets_fiat_deposit] or [wallets_fiat_withdraw] shortcodes.

Activate the fixer.io service. This will help the plugin know, not only the exchange rates, but also which coins are fiat and which are cryptocurrencies.


For any issues, inquiries, suggestions, and general feedback regarding this coin adapter extension, visit the support area for the Fiat Coin adapter.

For support regarding the related Exchange extension, please use the support area for the Exchange.

For support regarding the parent plugin, Bitcoin and Altcoin Wallets, please use the support forums on WordPress.org.

Fiat Coin Adapter extension

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